Blacksmith Link Building

During the SEO Gold Rush, link building was the easiest method for ranking high in Search Engines. In recent months search engines such as Google have been releasing updates designed to weed out any spammy banklinks. Many dodgy SEO companies still practise linkbuilding. Don’t get me wrong, but links still are a major signal in […]

Yoda SEM Meme

Two of the most important aspects of Adwords many search engine marketers forget when creating campaigns for themselves or for their clients is Split Testing and advertising on the Google Display Network (or as Yoda would say “Split Search & Display Networks”). Yes, doing the extra work may take a bit of extra time, but […]

Too many ads on facebook Meme

It comes up in every conversation about Facebook, “Facebook should get rid of the ads”. How ridiculous is statement. Although Ads can sometimes be completely irrelevant, Facebook is in fact a business. If they don’t have money, they can’t function. Having Ad Placements on their website is their only source of income. Removing Ads would […]

SEO Analysis Meme

What is an SEO Analysis? This meme is a controversial, yet still humorous. When you tell your friends and family what your job is, what is there response? From my time as an SEM Consultant, I have had mixed reactions from people. A lot of people just don’t understand what Search Engine Marketing is. What’s […]

First Seven Results for 'AdWords' all Google Domains

Ever tried targetting “AdWords” as an organic keyword in Google search? This is one thing many AdWords Optimisation companies try and do. One thing that inhibits this from ever happening is the amount of Google AdWords related sites their are on the SERPS. For exmaple, the main Google AdWords website, the offical AdWords blog and […]

AdWords Everywhere Meme

These days it is hard to not do a Google Search without being bombarded with Ads. Don’t get me wrong, AdWords is great for companies wishing to advertise their websites on the internet. So much money can be made from online advertising, especially with Google AdWords. But think about the novice user just looking for […]

I one to be ranked in one month meme

Another frustrating client meme. How is $50 an investment? The amount of work which could be done for that amount would be extremely limited. Most on-shore SEO companies have an hourly rate of at least $100 per hour. Running with this, that is roughly half an hours of work. How many quality links can be […]