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Blacksmith Link Building

Link Building is for Blacksmiths

During the SEO Gold Rush, link building was the easiest method for ranking high in Search Engines. In recent months search engines such as Google have been releasing updates designed to weed out any spammy banklinks. Many dodgy SEO companies still practise linkbuilding. Don’t get me wrong, but links still are a major signal in […]

SEO Analysis Meme

SEO Analysis Meme

What is an SEO Analysis? This meme is a controversial, yet still humorous. When you tell your friends and family what your job is, what is there response? From my time as an SEM Consultant, I have had mixed reactions from people. A lot of people just don’t understand what Search Engine Marketing is. What’s […]

I one to be ranked in one month meme

I want to be ranked in 1 Month

Another frustrating client meme. How is $50 an investment? The amount of work which could be done for that amount would be extremely limited. Most on-shore SEO companies have an hourly rate of at least $100 per hour. Running with this, that is roughly half an hours of work. How many quality links can be […]

Buying Links Meme

Have you been buying links?

Obama Hates it, and so does Google. Buying links is one of the worst SEO methods known to man in 2012. Google has been penalising websites lately who are offering to sell links on their pages. You can totally agree where Google is coming from here. Buying links to for SEO purposes is totally unethical. […]

100 dollars for SEO meme

$100 for SEO Meme

You have a new SEO lead. The customer has seemed interested in improving their rankings in the SERPs. Hours have been spent researching niche keywords and a proposal has been send. After a couple of weeks you don’t hear back from the clients, so you decide to follow them up. Their excuse is “I found […]